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Teacher Arielle Ridley's Approach
There is no more comprehensive individualized approach to education than a true Montessori school. As a parent you want the best for your children. It is important to see the American Montessori license on the wall as so many Montessori centers say they use the Montessori approach but are actually not licensed.

I believe that in addition to this training what distinguishes a great Montessori school is the Directress/ head teacher. With my own extensive background as an etcher and a potter I emphasize all areas of the creative arts at Greenoaks. All of the children are encouraged to express themselves through movement, singing and the graphic arts.

My small classroom size allows ample opportunity for each child to have as much individual care as they need. I also believe that personal responsibility is an important trait at this early age. Caring for pets at school is one way to learn how to be compassionate towards another being. Free play with others is given equal time during our outside play. The park like shaded yard with its club house, sandbox, vegetable garden and bike riding area offer plenty of stimulation. My years of teaching at Greenoaks have given me a vast experience of knowledge to draw upon with each child. I enjoy teaching as much today as I have over the past thirty plus years!

Arielle's Background
Arielle is a native Californian. She has three grown children, two sons and a daughter. She is an artist, loves nature, camping and most of all animals, who are often in the classroom.
Arielle holds following degrees:
✴ B.A., Cal State Hayward
✴ M.E.D., College of Notre Dame
✴ Montessori Teaching Credential,
    College of Notre Dame

Arielle and her companion dog volunteer at Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City as Senior Peer Counselors. This program gives us the opportunity to go into the elderly homes and provide them with a friend and someone who can provide them with access to help they may need. It is a much needed and worthwhile program.

The Montessori Philosophy
In keeping with the Montessori philosophy the children are encouraged to choose their own "jobs" in the classroom and to learn by their own experiences with the Montessori materials. The children are also taught responsibility for themselves by clearing up and replacing all their work. The children progress at their own speed in all areas of the classroom. They also show the teacher when they are ready for a new area of the class by expressing interest in it on their own. When a child begins a new job the teacher gives the child a demonstration on how the material works and then leaves the child to learn by their own experience in practicing with it.

Greenoaks Montessori
founded in 1980
School is a sole proprietorship owned by Arielle Ridley
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